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Green Beach Farm & Food

Under the principles of regenerative agriculture, Green Beach Farm & Food produces a number of pastured proteins.  These include grass-fed & finished beef, pastured pork, pastured chickens and pastured eggs.  Our beef, pork and eggs are available year round, while our pastured chickens are available in August & September. 

Although we are in a northern climate, we are able to keep our animals outside on pasture for the majority of their lives. Our cattle spend their entire lives on either perennial or annual pastures, helping us to cycle nutrients on the landscape and sequester carbon.  Our pigs spend a brief period in an oper-air barn training to electric fence before moving out to pasture and treed areas where they are free to express natural behaviours.  As chicks, both our layers and broiler chickens are in our barn, but move outdoors once they have feathers, with the broilers spending the rest of the lives on pasture and the layers returning to the barn once winter arrives.


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Strathclair, MB, Canada
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