About the Host Farm - Jonas Stoltzfus Farm

The Jonas Stoltzfus Farm is a 130-acre dairy farm nestled between the Seneca and Cayuga lakes in Waterloo, New York. These two lakes are the longest lakes in a region of New York, known as the glacier Finger Lakes.

Jonas and his wife were married in 2000 and have been blessed with nine children. They work as a family and are currently milking approximately 70 cows, producing certified-organic milk. Jonas has been rotationally grazing his cows since 2001 and has tried to maximize his pasture’s output by using high-density grazing since 2015. He has seen improvements in his swards but works toward continuous improvement. He uses manure on his fields and has not used artificial inputs in the last 15 years.

Jonas also manages a 100% grass-fed beef herd on a farm located a few miles from the Stoltzfus farmstead where summer and winter annuals are grazed. His immediate goal is to get natives established on these fields, though this has been challenging.

In addition to their dairy cows, the Stoltzfus family are also raising 20-25 horses on their farm.

Course Description

This class will focus on transitioning the cropping systems in a grass fed dairy operation. This school will focus on improving soil function in a high manure system. Students will learn ecological nutrient management, proper soil testing, no-till and learn proper cover crop management and other ecological principles to reduce costs.

June 7, 2022

$500.00 US Dollars

Option to include Online Subscription to Regen Ag 101($499 value) for an additional $100.00

Email: info@soilhealthacademy.org for more information

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone wanting to transform their dairy into a highly efficient and profitable business and transform their quality of life. You will learn how to build soil, animal, and economic health through a combination of classroom and field exercises. The school will tackle the biggest issues facing dairy producers, from herd health and reproduction, to crop and cover crop success, to waste management and fertility, to economics and building true net wealth.  Hands-on experience will be heavily emphasized.
  • Dairy producers of all sizes and types. Milk production is a fast-paced, highly demanding profession and dairy producers have the skill and revenue to accomplish great things.  We hope to broaden your perspective on using your expertise and advantages with practical tools that increase your options, reduce vulnerability, and strengthen your resilience.
  • Any producer that wants to know more about the “how do I get there from here”. Learn what can be done, what it might cost, how long it may take, and what it could look like along the way.

School & Farm Location

Jonas Stoltzfus Farm
1884 Leader Road,
Waterloo, NY 13165

This is a power-packed session that will be backed up by future sessions and will change your perspective on what dairying should be and can be.  Taught by highly experienced and expert regenerative farmers and dairy producers.

Apply to automatically receive a $100 scholarship and pay only $400 per attendee. Click below to complete the scholarship form.

What You Will Learn

  • Cover Cropping for Soil Health, Nutrient Dense Feedstuffs, and profitability.
  • Designing cropping and cover cropping systems that fit your context.
  • Improving net profit per cow and per acre.
  • How to design and implement practical and flexible grazing plans. 
  • How to prepare for extremes and increase farm resilience.
  • Strategic input cost reduction.
  • Waste and fertility management – Avoiding issues and effective application

Topics Addressed

  • Cropping rotations for soil health
  • Strategies for significant input cost reduction
  • Integrating livestock into cropping systems
  • Grazing alternative forages (heifers, dry cows) - crop residue, cover crops
  • Maintaining cow comfort while using the herd to advance soil health.
  • Manure and fertility management – Avoiding issues and effective application.
  • Soil health evaluation
  • Building and maintaining cow health and optimal performance.
  • Addressing resource concerns


Kent Solberg

Kent Solberg

Dr. Allen Williams

Dr. Allen Williams

Hotel Information

Hampton Inn
W 1950 Balsley Rd,
Seneca Falls, NY 13148

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