Phyllis & Paul Van Amburgh

We began our farming careers in 1998 with small-scale meat production, and in 2002 we started the first of three farms. Today, we provide the education, mentoring, and support for the 150+ farms supplying milk to Maple Hill Creamery while continuing to dairy farm with our five kids, aged 10-19, in central New York State. Our farm was the first to join the founders of Maple Hill Creamery in 2010, and was followed by many other producers under our guidance. As Maple Hill Creamery grew we met with investors and markets to detail the attributes of our production model. Our overall involvement with Maple Hill Creamery through the years has helped lead to the success and creation of this national brand.

What began as farm gatherings to develop 100% grass-fed milk production at a commercial scale has evolved into support and training for dairy farmers, including those transitioning to Certified Organic, 100% Grass-fed Certified production from both grain-fed organic and conventional production.

We have published articles for our Madre Method, which outlines practices for calves raised one-to-one on their dam in a commercial dairy setting, and series’ of articles in trade magazines for successful transition to, and production of, dairy with a forage-only ration.

From 2014-16 we joined the Savory Institute as a Savory Hub, delving deep into Holistic Management. This brought us travel and learning across the globe from the African bush to Europe and across the USA. We continue to maintain affiliation with SI with Phyllis as an Accredited Professional.

Our work as producers, as teachers, as students of experts and mentors within regenerative production, and as part of an emerging national dairy brand, has provided us with tremendous insight into all aspects of regenerative production and working toward a change in agriculture.

Phyllis & Paul Van Amburg
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