Soil Health Academy Schools

Benefits of Attending a Soil Health Academy School


✔ In-depth resource materials available for download or provided on a flash drive

✔ Online chat sessions with the partners and advisors or SHA.  This is your opportunity to ask pertinent and pressing questions and to interact with other producers from all over the world, or to simply listen in and learn.

✔ Free access to continuing education webinars

✔ Access to cutting-edge research and articles

✔ How-to videos

✔ Exclusive access to weekly blogs

Watch our video to learn why YOU should attend a SHA


Through hands-on training from the world’s leading experts, Soil Health Academy participants learn how to increase profitability, build resiliency into the land, decrease input costs and improve nutrient density of food and agricultural products. 

No matter where you farm or what you grow, Soil Health Academy will teach you how to improve soil health through practical regenerative agricultural principles.

Our Graduates Report a Wide Range of Benefits From Attending the Soil Health Academy Including...

✔  Realizing a minimum 10:1 return on tuition investment in the first year

✔  Rapid building of key soil health parameters

✔  Improvement in livestock performance & profitability while increasing         

     grazing land health

✔  Significantly reducing input costs

✔  Substantial increase in farm/ranch profitability within a short period of time


"Soil Health Academy was amazing! It should be taught in every high school around the country.
Thank you for making a difference."
Robert Mierau, Caledonia, MN

"’s not enough to count on farmers to tough it out. America needs to start listening to the voices of the heartland. It’s not just about feeling empathy for flood-ravaged communities. It is about recognizing our shared destiny. It is about remembering that agriculture is the bedrock of our economy and security. The products of urban America are essential. But without a thriving rural and farm economy producing abundant, affordable food for a growing planet, a foundational pillar of our strength as a country will collapse." Beth Ford, president and CEO of Land O’Lakes, Inc.