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Soil Health Academy Scholarship Program

Through its in-person and online course offerings, the Soil Health Academy is helping farmers first understand and then successfully apply nature’s time-proven, regenerative agriculture principles in order to grow healthier soil, food, farms and communities. Thanks to the support of several businesses, organizations and individual donors, SHA has established multiple scholarship funds to offset the costs of these educational offerings for targeted groups and individuals.

Read the tuition assistance/scholarship fund overviews below to see which would be most appropriate for you. Scholarship applicants must register for a Soil Health Academy first before being eligible for a scholarship. Because you may be eligible for more than one, you can apply for multiple programs by simply checking the appropriate fund boxes on the application page. It’s simple and easy.

Students Watching Class

The SHA Scholarship

We encourage anyone with interest to apply.  If you have registered for an upcoming Soil Health Academy and have paid the down deposit, you are eligible for tuition assistance and we encourage you to apply.  In addition, we will be giving special consideration to the following:

  • Next-generation family farmers and ranchers who have parents who are involved in agriculture
  • Students, interns, and beginning farmers who are keenly interested in a career in regenerative agriculture
  • Military veterans currently involved in agriculture or who are interested in becoming involved in regenerative agriculture. Must be a former or active member of the U.S. military to apply for this category
  • Educators with a desire to provide regenerative agricultural instruction to the next generation of farmers, ranchers or agriculture professionals. Applicants may include USDA, NRCS, Extension and other USDA personnel, Ag Consultants, state conservation/ag agency personnel, and non-profit organization (NGO) personnel
  • Families and Farms that want to send more than one person
  • Minority, tribal, women, and historically underserved individuals who are currently involved in agriculture or who have an interest in go down this path

The David & Kendra Brandt SHA Scholarship

Soil health and regenerative agriculture pioneer, Kendra Brandt, alongside her husband David Brandt, raised their children with respect and honor, were vital members of their community and beyond, and dedicated their lives to helping others regenerate our soils, our ecosystems and ultimately our health.

In memory of David & Kendra Brandt and their contributions to soil health and regenerative agriculture, the Soil Health Academy offers the David & Kendra Brandt scholarships. These scholarships aim to support women, new, and beginning farmers who share Brandts' commitment to advancing regenerative agriculture through the implementation of regenerative principles in their own operations or through regenerative agriculture education, outreach, or policy advocacy.

Recipients of the David & Kendra Brandt Scholarships will receive partial tuition funding to attend a Soil Health Academy. These scholarships are awarded based on applicants' narratives detailing their plans to advance the cause of regenerative agriculture on their own farms and communities.

If you've already registered for an upcoming Soil Health Academy and have paid the deposit, you're eligible to apply for tuition assistance through these scholarships.

Past SHA Student Scholarship

Introducing the Past SHA Student Scholarship, an initiative designed to support our alumni who are eager to further their knowledge and expand their networks in the realm of regenerative agriculture.

To qualify for this scholarship program, applicants must have previously attended a Soil Health Academy. We recognize the importance of ongoing learning and networking in the journey towards agricultural sustainability, and thus, we are delighted to offer this opportunity exclusively to our past students.

If you've participated in a Soil Health Academy in the past, have registered for an upcoming Soil Health Academy and have paid the down deposit, and are keen to deepen your understanding of regenerative practices, we encourage you to apply for the Past SHA Student Scholarship.



Andres Gallego

"Thanks to the scholarship I was able to attend the school and because of that I am confident about ranching without harming the environment and being more profitable. Recently, I leased a ranch where I am going to practice everything I learned. I hope that my neighbors can copy what I’ve learned so many people can do the same regenerating soils.”

~ Andres Gallego, Colombia, South America

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