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Welcome to the “Shop Regen Foods” on-line showcase, a virtual storefront to the websites of graduates, instructors and school farm hosts of the Soil Health Academy, as well as regenerative farmer/rancher clients of Understanding Ag—all of whom offer regeneratively grown products for purchase.

SHA has created this showcase as a way of connecting the consumers of regeneratively grown products with the farmers and ranchers who grow them. By purchasing nutrient-dense, regeneratively grown products, consumers also are supporting the farmers and ranchers whose regenerative practices positively impact biodiversity, ecosystem health and human health.

Like nearly all regenerative farmers and ranchers, those featured in our “Shop Regen Food” showcase are at different points in their respective regenerative journeys, but all are committed to implementing the six principles of soil health to the greatest extent possible within the context of their operations. However, SHA/UA does not certify or verify the regenerative agriculture practices used in any of the farms/ranches featured in our showcase, so it’s important for shoppers to review the individual websites to learn what regenerative principles and practices are currently being used in the respective farming operations. Plus, we’re certain you’ll enjoy getting to know more about the dedicated people who grow regeneratively for our health and for our future.

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