“My Soil Health Academy experience is invaluable. To be able to apply the principles with
confidence is guaranteed to be a benefit to our net profitability as we work with nature to
better our family, farm and community.”

Rushville, IL

Luke Jones Family Photo


“In my experience, limited though it may be, one of the most profound interactions for a student to encounter, is an instructor who truly believes in the message they are transmitting and the SHA has this in spades. This was an inspiring experience that I will return to as often as opportunity allows and I hope to increase my involvement in any way I can.”

Farm Manager | Hodges Family Farm

Charlotte, NC

Newman Farm Family Photo


"Spending three days building new relationships with the experts and other like-minded producers gave me the fiery confidence to construct my young operation on solid bedrock."

Maryville, MO

Colten Catterton


"The Soil Health Academy has been instrumental in taking my soil/farming knowledge (and hence the direction of my business) to the next level."

Kristen's Farm Stand, Brighton, CO


Teresa & Troy Apperson

"The Academy was a real eye opener. You all did such a great job presenting, and the fact that you are living what you're teaching made all the difference. You've changed our way of thinking, and we've already started putting into practice what we learned."

Mocksville, NC

Teresa and Troy


"The Soil Health Academy team taught us how to save our farm by lowering input costs and by getting higher premiums through direct marketing."

Hubbard Ranch, Grace, ID

Hubbard Family


"The Soil Health Academy experience was very inspirational and encouraged me to push for regenerative ag here on the Navajo Nation. Thanks to what I learned at SHA, I can work on bringing life back to my soil and will teach our youth and others in the community to do the same."

Lead Gardener/Farm Technician
Tolani Lake Enterprise, Winslow, AZ


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