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Cookies can perform two essential services, they can keep you logged in and update your preferences and if the site allows you to purchase things they help you with your cart when you purchase things. They may be set by Understanding Ag, LLC or by third parties. Third Party cookies are used by those who supply advertising provide content or help analyze site use.

In addition to using cookies and emails, websites also may use small transparent images known as web beacons/pixels which are used to provide information on how people are using the site. Unlike cookies these are not stored on your computer.

Understanding Ag LLC uses cookies for technical enhancement of the site. We also use them to give visitors an easier better experience. And, of course, cookies are used for advertising. Understanding Ag LLC may use different cookies if you are a registered user or if you are a visitor or if you use our services. As noted cookies may be used in the website, in emails or in mobile applications. As noted above, also the use of cookies is also driven by their difference function: Necessary/Needed for Registered Users and operation of shopping carts, site use and analysis, functionality, security, ease of use of third party programs like Facebook and Twitter, User preferences. You can also see more information in our privacy policy.

Controlling Cookies & Flash Cookies

Understanding Ag LLC may also use local shared objects for flash cookies. These are used with adobe flash. You can only delete these cookies within adobe flash, if you wish to delete these, please contact us at (Insert email address to use for UA) and we will email you instructions.

You may wish to restrict the use of cookies or completely prevent them from being set. If you wish to delete cookies, consult your browser provider for directions. Please note, if, however, you delete the cookies, it may affect the quality of your website experience. If you are using a mobile device, consult the provider for info on how to delete these items.

IMPORTANT CAVEAT: I don’t know exactly how your website uses cookies and these items. This should be reviewed by someone familiar with the cookies and technologies being used.

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