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McIntyre3Generations (2)

Regeneration Leads to Resilience for Idaho Family Farm

Thanks in large part to diverse pasture-raised product offerings and direct-to-consumer marketing, three generations of McIntyres (pictured here) have seen online sales top 10,000 orders in less than three years. Regeneration Leads to Resilience for Idaho Family Farm Every day, Brad McIntyre sees the many benefits of regenerative agriculture. And high on that list is […]

Family Photo

A Letter From A Graduate

Lance Klessig’s Letter to SHA This Klessig family portrait was taken earlier this year in the farm’s “Field of Gold,” a seven-acre plot which features a colorful, 27-species cover crop mix that blossoms into agro-tourist, photography, and grazing opportunities. Dear Gabe and SHA, I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you. Your […]


On the Brink of Foreclosure, Rancher Finds Regenerative Path Forward

As a life-long rancher, Ben Schnuelle had experienced his share of adversity. But 2019 was wrought with challenges unlike any the 46-year-old Nebraska native had previously encountered. That winter, the Schnuelles witnessed their tractors buried in mud, they battled devastating blizzards and lost hundreds of cattle. During one storm, 33 calves perished in a single […]

As he builds soil health through the use of regenerative agricultural principles, Brandon Bock continues to see improvements in his North Dakota farming operation. “Whether it’s through the diversity of cover crops, cash crops, and even insects. Keeping life on our fields is the key,” he says.

Miracles Change as Regenerative Journey Continues for SHA Graduate

Miracles Change as Regenerative Journey Continues for SHA Graduate When we visited with Brandon Bock last year, his regenerative journey had just begun. He shared a story about how his desire to farm in nature’s image had run head-first into his prescriptive, conventional farming mindset. As grasshoppers swarmed his spring wheat crop, he recounted kneeling […]

Jennifer Morehouse

Starting My Regenerative Path at Soil Health Academy

By Jennifer Morehouse Last December, I had the privilege of attending the Soil Health Academy (SHA) at Chico State University in North Eastern California. When Soil Centric recommended SHA to me, I wasn’t sure I was the right audience.  Although my extended family has a cattle ranching operation in South Dakota, I myself have no ranching or farming background.  I […]

Kincaid Family in field

Young farmer sees hope in regenerative ag future

Macauley Kincaid is a 25-year-old farmer with a simple goal: “We want to make it. We want to be successful,” he says. Married with two young children, Macauley believes the best way to be successful is to embrace soil health-focused, regenerative agricultural principles on his 440-acre, southwest Missouri farming operation. Thanks to his recent Soil Health […]

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