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Broccoli Nutritional Changes Table

The Unintended Consequences of Pesticides

Allen R Williams, Ph.D., Soil Health Academy Continuing the discussion around unintended consequences, all we have to do is look around us and the evidence is staring us in the face. We simply have to recognize and acknowledge the facts before us.  In the process of doing that though, we also have to admit that […]

97% of what you grow quote

New Poll: Regenerative Ag Benefits Include ‘Peace of Mind’

By Ron Nichols, SHA/UA Communications Consultant Under the heading of “In case you needed even more reasons to switch to regenerative farming,” a recent poll conducted by South Dakota State University indicates that a significantly higher percentage of farmers who are using soil health-improving practices in their operations experience less stress, are more satisfied with farming and […]

Real Beef vs Impossible Burger Table

The Unintended Consequences of Fake Meat

Allen R Williams, Ph.D., SHA Instructor & Co-Founder Consumers are currently being bombarded with commercials and ads for various forms of what I term “fake meat.” Curiously, many who are manufacturing and selling these products, as well as their supporters, prefer to call them “clean proteins.” The ads appear to be almost everywhere—on the TV, […]

Flooding in Upper Midwest

The Unintended Consequences of Poor Soil Health

By Allen R Williams, Ph.D. SHA Instructor & Co-Founder The Year 2019 presented numerous challenges to farmers and grazers, and consumers. Among them were significant flooding, dust storms, cyanobacteria (algal) blooms, prevent planting, glyphosate residue issues, and fake meats. Any one of these challenges is a serious enough issue to deal with, but all of […]

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The Unintended Consequences of Conventional Ag

By Allen R Williams, Ph.D., SHA Instructor & Co-Founder Farming and food production have become hot-button issues today and can be a very confusing subject for consumers to sort out. Farming practices and food production have been linked to a number of things that consumers are concerned about including climate change, harmful runoff, animal welfare, […]

Resolve to Regenerate

Top 10 Reasons to Regenerate in 2020

As the New Year arrives, we reflect on the past year where farmers and ranchers faced weather extremes, low commodity prices and a host of other challenges. We can’t predict with certainty what the New Year will bring, but we realize many of these challenges are likely to continue. So what can we do to […]

Time for Change: The Compelling Case for Regenerative Agriculture

Gabe Brown, Understanding Ag, LLC You cannot pick up a farm magazine, listen to a farm radio program, or talk to an agri-business spokesperson without hearing the words “regenerative agriculture.” But what is regenerative agriculture and why is it creating such interest? Merriam-Webster dictionary defines regeneration as, “a renewal or restoration of a biological system […]

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Do Cover Crops Pay?

Kent Solberg, Understanding Ag, LLC We have all seen the articles and heard the claims: Cover crops have many great benefits. However, from land grant universities to rural cafes people are asking “Yeah, but do cover crops pay?” In other words, is there an immediate return on investment? You should know that what you are […]

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