Host a Soil Health Academy School on your Farm!

Guidelines for host farm:

  • Host location should use regenerative practices, cover crops, and livestock OR have access to a farm(s) nearby that implements these practices.
  • Host will be responsible for having a soil pit prepared for the field sessions, if needed.
  • Provide information to Kathy Richburg for potential caterers, hotels, and
    area restaurants. Caterer MUST use pastured proteins approved by SHA.
    SHA can provide proteins if host does not have access to them.
  • Host will provide snacks (healthy options) for a morning and afternoon
    break each day of the academy. Coffee and bottled water shall be provided
    all day each day. 
  • SHA will be responsible for lunch meals each day.
  • Host provides tables, chairs, toilet facilities, facility for 50 people at the farm(s)
  • Host provides a comfortable climate-controlled room large enough to seat
    50 people. This room shall include plenty of electrical outlets, ability to
    control lighting, and ability to set up screen and projector for PowerPoint
  • Host will take care of trash daily.
  • Host will be responsible for advertising and promoting the school. SHA will
    provide a flyer and agenda in pdf format to the host.
  • SHA will process all attendee registrations.
  • Host will work with the Academy to secure paid attendees. Minimum
    attendance required for an academy to occur is 30 people registered and
    paid at least 45 days in advance of the school.