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Holly and John Arbuckle, Singing Pastures Farm, Midcoast, Maine.
Holly and John Arbuckle, Singing Pastures Farm, Midcoast, Maine.

Singing Pastures is our home farm in Midcoast, Maine. Roam Sticks are sourced from our farm and other independent, American, pasture-based farms. We strive for relentless improvement of our soil health and encourage other farms to do the same. We recognize each farm may be at a different point on their regenerative journey, but we are all heading in the right direction.

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Simply Better Taste: We believe in creating food the right way, not the cheap and fast way. Roam Sticks are meaty and tender, not dry and chewy. The flavor is complex with a savory rich depth, layered with natural smokiness, and a hint of tanginess from the fermentation process.

The best ingredients: Making a delicious snack stick starts with premium ingredients: organic spices and heritage, breed pork raised on lush, grassy pastures. Singing Pastures sources from our family farm and other American family farms that share our values.

Grounded in tradition: Our snack sticks are crafted using the artisanal processes of fermentation & slow smoking with hickory wood to capture flavors and seal in juices.

Partnership with the Planet: We believe you can't have healthy food without a healthy planet, which is why we use regenerative agriculture practices to heal the land.

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“Soil Health Academy was a game-changing experience for our farm. While we had heard pieces of the information before, the instructors put it together in such a way that we were able to see how to manage our soil health in a whole new light. Best workshop we have ever attended!”

- John and Holly Arbuckle - Singing Pastures Farm

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