Dawn Breitkreutz, along with her husband Grant, run Stoney Creek Farm along the bluff of the Minnesota River near Redwood Falls, MN. Over the past 21 years they have converted a conventional crop and cow/calf operation into a multi-enterprise regenerative family business. They run at least a three-crop rotation, with cover crops incorporated whenever and where ever possible in their 100% no-till cropping system. They use managed intensive grazing throughout their pasture systems and their farm fields. Their overall goal is to heal the land, create a successful and enjoyable multi-generational family business, and ensure that future generations have a beautiful legacy to carry on. They strive to help educate others about regenerative agriculture through on-farm tours and classes.

Dawn is an Air Force veteran and very active with the American Legion Post #38 in Redwood Falls. She has learned to farm/ranch alongside Grant, always questioning “why” about all phases of farming. Having had no farming background, she looked at the operation through a different lens than Grant. Together they have worked hard to make the changes necessary to the future of their farm.

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