Fernando Falomir

Fernando Falomir

Fernando Falomir is a fifth-generation cattle rancher from Chihuahua, Mexico. He studied biogeochemistry at the University of Colorado and began getting involved with holistic management in 2004 when his father took over the family ranch and that is where his real regenerative ranching education began.

After several generations of poor land management, his family’s ranch was essentially a degraded, unproductive piece of land due to years of abuse and overgrazing. All the topsoil had been completely eroded, the water cycle was broken and desertification had completely set in. Ranch productivity had sunk to a historic low of 230 acres to sustain a single Animal Unit.

In 2017, after many years of hard work following regenerative principles, and the utilization of animals as the primary tool for land restoration, the family ranch reached a productivity of 40 acres per animal unit. This was despite several multi-year long droughts and the hardships associated with a low precipitation environment.

Since graduating in 2009, Fernando has learned from world-renown grazers, traveling to countless ranches in diverse environments only to find regenerative grazing principles work everywhere.

He believes the most difficult problem producers face when starting out is implementing the right tools that work best for their situation and adapting their management to be aligned with nature.

Sharing his personal experience and helping other operations succeed has become one of Fernando’s passions and life goals. He has used his knowledge of regenerative principles, stockmanship, water infrastructure and pasture design to help his clients become more profitable and more resilient against uncertainty.

Frenando Falomir
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