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So do you really want to plant corn

So, Do You Really Want to Plant Corn?

By Gabe Brown, Soil Health Academy Instructor With corn planting underway in many parts of the country, I couldn’t help but think just how risky that decision is.  I am not talking about risk from the standpoint of weather and concerns regarding growing conditions—I am talking specifically about the decision to plant corn, period. Look […]

Gather Round

“Gather ‘Round”

by Gabe Brown, Soil Health Academy Instructor So here we are, in a situation that most of us have never been in: spending the majority of our time “in lockdown.”  We are used to the frantic pace that is life.  While the kids eat a quick breakfast of processed cereal, we make sure they have […]

Human Microbiome

Healthy Gut, Healthy Body

Allen R Williams, Ph.D., Soil Health Academy Instructor We often think of ourselves as a single organism called a person.  However, we are actually made up of a dazzling array of parts (arms, legs, ears, nose, eyes, etc.) and pieces (heart, liver, kidneys, pancreas, stomach, intestines, etc.).  Somehow all these parts and pieces function as […]

Wake Up America

Wake Up, America!

By Gabe Brown and Shane New, Soil Health Academy Instructors With the chaos occurring in our country at present, we need to slow down, gather our thoughts and “touch bottom.”  This story, shared with me by a former Navy SEAL, illustrates this point. In one training exercise, the SEAL candidates’ hands are tied together, as well […]

Why Regenerative Agriculture

Why Regenerative Agriculture?

Allen R Williams, Ph.D., Soil Health Academy Instructor As I described in my preceding blog, it is getting crazy out there and the panic buying is not subsiding.  What is occurring in our nation, and around the world, only serves to substantiate why we need regenerative agriculture now more than ever.  It is no longer just […]

Cattle in Pasture

Salvaging a Profit in the Current Cattle Market

By Gabe Brown and Shane New, Understanding Ag, LLC The continuing downward slide in the cattle market has left many with knots in their stomachs.  Should one “jump ship” and sell at what is most likely a loss, or does one hang on for a while longer?  Instead of making a quick decision based on […]

Common Sense During COVID-19

Common Sense During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Allen R Williams, Ph.D., Soil Health Academy Instructor We are now experiencing times that many alive today have never been exposed to.  We are witnessing our own human condition and our response to something that seems overwhelming and possibly insurmountable.  The tangible result is being manifested in widespread panic and fear.  Fear that we will […]

Meat and Salad Plate

“Time to Rethink Our Food System”

By Gabe Brown and Shane New A trip to the local grocery store today turns up many empty shelves—a sight that most Americans have not seen before.  This is just one of a myriad of ramifications of the coronavirus outbreak. Without a doubt, this will affect us for months to come. But we feel this puts […]

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